Operation WARM

What Is Operation WARM?

Operation WARM is a limited area energy program offered through Community Action of North Alabama which provides assistance on a one-time basis to persons who are elderly, handicapped, or in health crisis situations. Funding is provided by residents of Morgan and Lawrence counties through donations of $1.00 or more above their monthly electric bills. Whether it’s a young family struggling with unemployment or a senior adult living on a meager income, families all over our area can have hope – and heat – through Operation WARM.

Who Have They Helped?

Operation WARM raises local money to help local families in need. Your generous donations stay in our communities giving assistance when it is most needed. 

How Does the Program Work?

Using the form below, tell us how much you want to contribute each month to Operation WARM and we simply add it to your electric bill.

You can also change the amount of your contribution at any time by submitting this same form.

What if I Need Help?

Joe Wheeler EMC offices do not have or accept applications or determine the need for assistance. Applications for assistance are available through Community Action of North Alabama. Call (256) 355-7843 for information on requirements for assistance or to get an application.


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